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May 23, 2009

Critics at the Arizona Republic newspaper have chosen Lisa Mcmann as the Best Breakout Author in Arizona.All so on the list are: Best Local Sports Star (Shaquille O’Neal) and Best Reality Star (Scott MacIntyre of American Idol).

Congrats! Lisa!



May 23, 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates I have been so busy! More to come soon!


FADE Review

February 3, 2009

FADE! Review!

Be sure to pick up FADE, February 10th!


FADE grips readers from the first page, and the story holds your attention through the whole book. The story keeps you wondering about Janies new “gift”.

Janies hard life is still following her, and she can’t get away from it.  The only person that Janie can trust in is Cabel, but they can’t be seen in public because of their job with Captain.

Janie is now learning from things that Mrs. Stubin has left for any new dream catchers.  Janie relationship with Cabel is getting strained, and she is getting put into diffucult situations that she can’t handle.  The story keeps you guessing, from beginning to end! Lisa is a wonderful writer, and has amazing talent!


FADE reviews

January 2, 2009

Here are some Reviews of FADE! I know all of you are just as excited as me to read FADE! I can’t wait! I want it! Lisa McMann is an AMAZING WRITTER!! LOVE YOU LISA! If you reading this Haha.

From Booklist:
“A great blend of mystery, romance, and supernatural elements, and featuring a strong but vulnerable female protagonist, this episode ends with an irresistible hook for the final installment.”

From Kirkus:
McMann, Lisa FADE
“The quick-paced, present-tense narration and realistic dialogue that gripped readers in the first book resume here… Fans will clamor for a third title.”

“As a highly anticipated sequel to WAKE, FADE certainly lives up to expectations. Along with Janie, readers will be able to delve deeper into the enormity of Janie’s ability and the strain that it causes not only on her but also on Cabel.”

Jen Robinson’s Book Page — WAKE and FADE reviews



January 1, 2009

FiveAwesomeYAFans recently got a chance to sit down with the ONE the ONLY Lisa McMann, HOW COOL!!!!
Here is the video! Check it out!



December 13, 2008

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New Look

December 2, 2008

Hey, Guys.

I just wanted your voice in this. Do you like this new look. Yes or No.  I can try to do something different but I like it for now. What do you think.

post your thoughts in the comments thanks!